Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind

My first introduction to the law of attraction was many years ago when I was given a book by a business associate titled “Bring Out The Magic in Your Mind” by Al Koran It was a revelation for me, having been brought up in an environment of scarcity and lack. I was intrigued by the ideas in the book but found it difficult to believe at first that by just having a definite goal, visualizing a positive outcome with no doubt in your mind you could achieve anything you desired in life.

I decided to take on board the ideas in the book and had some success with it. Now I did not become rich overnight or even make a lot of money, but I did have some minor success, enough to convince me that the magic of belief was real. Over the next number of years I read all the books, audio courses and other material I could find on the power of the mind but it was not until finally after reading a book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles that it all clicked into place for me and my lifestyle changed for the better almost immediately as if by magic.

That was almost 20 years after first reading Bring Out The Magic in Your Mind. Maybe it was “The Science of Getting Rich” or a combination of all the books I had read that finally put it all together for me. I also believe it was persistence, I knew that the law of attraction was real and all I had to do was find a way to make it work for me consistently. I also believe most individuals give up too easily. I found that a clear mental vision of what you wish to achieve with an absolute belief in the outcome is the key to success.

When you learn how to really bring out the magic in your mind your life will become truly magical. Wealth, happiness and success will be yours when you have a clear mental image of the lifestyle you want and you turn it over to your incredible mind to bring it to fruition with no doubts.

Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind
The problem is that most people do not know what the want and they spend most of their lives focusing on what they do not want which shows up again and again in their lives. Decide now what it is you want and see yourself living the life of your dreams. What will it be? A million dollars in your bank your account, a dream home by the ocean, the car of your dreams like a Porsche or BMW, first class air travel anywhere in the world at any time staying in 5 star hotels or the romantic soul mate of your dreams. It can all be yours and it will be when you begin to bring out the magic in your mind to apply the law of attraction.

So decide today what you want from life and start focusing on that exclusively. Create a vision board by getting pictures from magazines etc of the house or car or whatever you want in life and putting them on your vision board where you can see them every day. Spend some time each day visualizing your goal as if it was already achieved.

Learn How To Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind
Start with something small that is believable to you and take it from there. You can get the vision board materials at your local office supply store or better still create it on your computer.