About Magic in Your Mind

The purpose of this site is to provide all the best information on the law of attraction from all over the web in one place. It is a much for my own benefit as it is for others who are interested in the subject. By having to update the blog on a regular basis means that I have to find the best articles, books and video on the subject which in turn keeps me motivated and on track with my goals.

Over the past 10 years I have had great success using “the law of attraction”. Now I am not a multi-millionaire but I have managed to create a nice life for myself and my family. However it took many years of reading just about everything I could find on the power of thought and even though I had some success, I was still struggling with it.

It was when I really began to take it all seriously and studied the “Science of Getting Rich” on a daily basis. I created a list of goals I wanted to achieve began visualizing what I wanted several times each day. Nothing really changed for a few months, but then slowly my income began to increase.

Over the next year I achieved one of my major goals which was to start my own business. Not alone that but my income increased by a factor 20 over that year. I was making a great income. I was able to pay off all my debts, buy a new house, put away some money in the bank and travel which is what I really enjoy.

Then for some strange reason I stopped visualizing and setting goals as I thought I had made it. Then my income started to slip and I began to worry. I know this may sounds crazy but over the next year my dropped to just a few hundred a month even though I was working harder than ever.

Eventually I managed to stop worrying and set new goals and began to visualize again each day. Slowly I began to turn things around and my income began to slowly increase again. After six months my income was back up again to what it was and I even exceeded my original income.

So, what I have learned from all this.

1. The law of attraction is real and it works.
2. You must continue to focus on your goals; it’s like riding a bike, if you are not going forward you are going to fall off.

Do not give up. Be happy.