Al Koran

Al Koran was the best-selling author of one of the best book on what we now refer to as the law of attraction “Bring Out The magic In Your Mind” which was published in 1964.
koranleg_portraitBorn in London England in 1914,  he worked first as a hairdresser and then graduated to a magician where he became famous for his incredible card tricks. He later shifted his focus to mental magic where he achieved even greater success and fame. He also invented a number of magic effects throughout his career.

He moved to the US in 1969 where he built a successful career which included television. He also made number of appearances on the Ed Sullivan show. (See video Below) He died in 1972.

He is best remembering for his self-help book “Bring Out The magic In Your Mind” which I first received a copy of in 1982 and it changed my life.

The book is still available from Amazon “Bring Out The magic In Your Mind” by Al Koran

Al Koran on the Ed Sullivan Show

Books by Al Koran

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