Randy Gage

Randy Gage has been one of my all-time favourite motivational speakers for quite some time. His style can be very direct and some people can even find it slightly offensive […]

Al Koran

Al Koran was the best-selling author of one of the best book on what we now refer to as the law of attraction “Bring Out The magic In Your Mind” […]

Bob Proctor on The Law of Attraction

Bob Proctor gained international fame through his involvement in the movie presentation “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. However he was highly successful and well respected within the self-improvement industry for […]

Here is an amazing and truly inspiring story of a 14 year old Florida girl, Willow Tufano who bought her own house from the proceeds of a business she setup selling […]

The Wish Granting Tree

A weary traveler sat down to rest in the shade of a tree, not knowing that the tree he chose was magic: “The Wish Granting Tree.” Seated on the hard […]