Playing a game with the Universe


For many years after reading my first book on the law of attraction, which was Bring Out the Magic in Your  Mind” by AL Koran incidentally I was totally amazed by the concept but for some reason could not get any of that stuff to work. Now I could from time to time manifest small things which were not very important such as waking myself up at a particular time in the morning without the alarm or finding something I had lost. But I had no real success when it came to getting a better job or more money etc. It took years to finally achieve any success with it.

This was over twenty years ago when there was very little information on the power of thought and very few of my friends had even heard of it. Today that has all changed as a result of the Internet.  Now, I just read a short ebook titled “Playing a game with the Universe” which I found really good because it teaches you how to play a simple game to demonstrate the law of attraction at work and how to know when are on the right track or not. I wish I had found this many years ago.

It is in fact just a free chapter from book “Think Feel Live” by Linda Armstrong. You can download the free ebook here.

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