The Missing Secret to The Law of Attraction

One of the reasons that many of us have trouble getting results when we deliberately try to use our thoughts to create wealth or anything else in our lives is that even though we visualize success on a daily basis we often at the same time worry about how we are going to pay our bills at the end of the month. Can you see the problem here? On one hand we visualize wealth and then later visualize not having enough money with a strong emotion of fear. So it is no surprise we end up making no progress or even going backwards.

Here is an article that illustrates this inner conflict very well.

“Long ago, in old Baghdad, a Master was deep in his meditation when a disciple forced him out of the meditation. The Master opened his eyes and said: What was so important that you forced me to come out of meditation?

Disciple replied:
Master, I am leaving for my home and require some money so that I can provide for my children” “Don’t you see that I am even poorer than you? My clothes are torn and I don’t have money even to buy a new shirt. How can I give you money” Master replied I know Master that you are poorer than me but you can manifest anything at will. I want you to manifest few Dinars for me so that I can fulfill my needs. Master closed his eyes and raised his hand in the air and after a while he opened his hand and it was full of coins.”  Read more: click here

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