The Wish Granting Tree

A weary traveler sat down to rest in the shade of a tree, not knowing that the tree he chose was magic: “The Wish Granting Tree.”

Seated on the hard ground, he thought how pleasant it would be to find himself in a soft bed. Instantly, a bed appeared before him. Astonished, the man climbed onto the bed, thinking that the height of happiness would be to find a young beautiful girl by his side, massaging his sore legs. Instantly a young girl appeared and began massaging him.

 “I’m so hungry,” the man said to himself. “Having something to eat now would be a great pleasure.” Instantly a     table appeared laden with a delicious feast.

The man rejoiced and began eating and drinking to his heart’s content. His head spun a little and his eyelids grew heavy as the wine took effect. He stretched out on the bed, thinking about the wonderful events that had taken place on that extraordinary day.

“I’ll sleep for an hour or two,” he thought. “The worst that could happen would be if a tiger wandered by while I’m asleep.” Instantly a tiger appeared and devoured the poor man.

You have a magic Wish Granting Tree inside you, waiting to grant your wishes. But be careful! The same tree can also make your negative thoughts and fears come true. At the very least it will be influenced by your negative thoughts, so that the good things you wish for do not happen.

To help you release the magic I would like to introduce you to some excellent books on the power of the mind.

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